Price Guide (Starting Prices)

As most of our cakes are bespoke (custom designed) it is difficult to have fixed prices. A cake is determined by so many things from the amount of serves required, the size of the serves, the ingredients used, the detail and decoration of the cake. (If you click on the photos on the gallery for wedding cakes there are some examples of prices)

At Bella Cake Art we offer you the choice of choosing a design from our website, working with a design you currently have or we can design a cake that is exclusively unique to you. Many clients create a collage or scrapbook with the ideas, inspirations or the style they wish to create. These may include your invitations, themes, colours, swatches of fabric, flowers, the venue and generally the style you wish to create. Even pictures of cakes you love help to give us the feel you would like to go with.

We are usually quite successful at arranging your cake by email or phone… but you may wish to book a design consultation (by appointment only) where we can answer your questions and get a feel for the cake you would like to create.

I always suggest you allocate a budget to your cake. At Bella Cake Art we are not interested in exploiting or being dishonest with our customers. We would like to make sure you return and look to us for your future celebration cake needs. Put simply the design of your cake is determined by your budget. By letting us know your budget it saves time and allows us to work with you to create the perfect cake that is tailored to your style while working within your budget.

You are welcome to purchase some tasting samples where you can sample a variety of flavours for a small charge and upon booking your wedding cake this charge will go towards the price.

Currently our prices do start at $175. Our cakes vary in price but have faith in us that we put a lot of work into each and every cake to make it the perfect cake for your celebration.

We offer delivery at a surcharge (*please enquire for prices) or you may collect directly from Bella Cake Art.


My starting prices are as follows:
1 tier cakes start FROM $200
2 tier cakes start FROM $350
3 tier cakes start FROM $525
Giant cupcakes FROM $90

Rainbow cakes, figurines and flowers are extra.

Novelty/3D cakes START FROM $250.00


Cupcakes for a basic swirl $3.50 price increases dependent on design
(minimum order 12 per flavour – unless a special offer is put out)

Cupcakes with fondant toppers start FROM $4.00

Cookies FROM $3.50 (minimum 15 per design)

Cake Pops is a minimum of 15 per flavour FROM $3.00